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Sandalwood is the name of the aromatic wood that comes from a sacred tree in southern India. These round sandalwood beads have a gentle feel and are hand carved from the outer layer of a sacred tree. This 100% natural, handmade mala is sought for its capability to carry certain energies and as an item for spiritual practice. This mala is knotted, providing a space between the beads to allow one to be held at a time for spiritual practice.

Each mala has the auspicious number of 108 beads plus the untouched sumeru bead, which is made from natural materials capable of carrying energetic vibrations. Traditionally, the spiritual master blesses the mala with mantras and transfers divine energy to a disciple upon giving it.

Sandalwood is commonly used in both burning rituals and to create calming malas. This wood has been celebrated for thousands of years and believed to bring one closer to one’s own divine nature. As a stimulant to help invoke sensory awareness, tranquility, promote divine thoughts, and enhance relaxation, this wood is a soothing choice for mala use in meditation. Each mala is being carefully handmade by artisans in India, where the spiritual practice of these prayer beads originated. It is highly important to keep your mala away and protected from external and unwanted energy and it's important to keep their sacred energy pure and so no one else should touch the beads.

The beads are offered in a transparent bag that keeps its spiritual energy protected.The corresponding mantra, as well as the significance of the mala, are provided on an attractive insert. The mala is made of

Handmade Sandalwood Beads on a cotton string.The corresponding Deity is Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles who is also called “Ganapataye" and the Mantra is "Om Gam Ganapataye Namah"

Bead diameter: 7 mm
Total Beads:108 Beads
Mala Length : 15 inches
Weight: 0.11 lb
Made in India

How to use: Sit cross-legged in a meditative place and starting with the bead next to the sumeru (the largest bead often with a tassel), holding it with your right thumb and middle finger. Do not touch the sumeru, the 109th bead. Gently roll the bead back and forth while saying the provided mantra, drawing your attention to the feel of the bead and the sound of the mantra. Do this on each of the 108 beads to complete a round. Do as many rounds as are desired or instructed.

Sandalwood Mala - 108 Beads

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