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Don't limit your outdoor activites to day adventures... experience the night while lit with this outdoor waterproof headlight. 


Varying levels of light brightness allow for the perfect headlamp for camping, car repairs, or spelunking! This waterproof headlight comes with a charging cord.

Model of LED: T6
* Waterproofing design
* Aluminum alloy casing
* Aluminum alloy reflector
* 3 switch Mode: Bright Light/Dim Light/Flashing Mode
* Model of Battery required: 2x18650 Battery
* Colour: Black with Blue Band
* Head Light Weight:175g
* Adjustable Focus, Zoomable LED Headlamp
* Switch: head press switch
Main Features:
- Intelligent circuit control, Telescopic Zoom,4 modes (strong, low, strobe, SOS)
- The headband can stretch adjust according to the size of your head. Conveniently put on or take off.
- The head can adjust the illumination angle to 90 degrees.
- The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling!
- Suitable for sports lovers to do some such as hunting, cycling, Bicycle riding, To climb, Hike, Working, Fishing, Camping, etc

Night Hike or Ride? "Stay Lit" Waterproof Headlight

SKU: f7c0dbde
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